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At Family Martial Arts
The Whole Family Benefits!

At Home

Integrating our martial arts curriculum into your daily routine boosts physical fitness, improves mental alertness, nurtures discipline and focus, and enriches your home life with healthier habits and stress-relief strategies.

At School

Through martial arts education, our students develop respect, resilience, and self-confidence, which results in improved academic performance, sharper concentration, and enhanced problem-solving skills.

At Work

Our program equips parents with elevated teamwork, effective communication, and conflict resolution skills, fostering a harmonious environment, increased productivity, and job satisfaction.

The Black Belt Way, by Jeffrey Konich.

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Karate For Kids

Enrich your child's development with our martial arts program, which fosters academic success and resilience against ADD/ADHD challenges, enhances home behavior, diminishes bullying incidents, and instills essential self-defense skills, confidence, concentration, and respect.

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Adult Martial Arts

Our specialized approach enhances physical fitness, mental alertness, and endurance in a safe, supportive environment rooted in reality-based concepts and modern self-defense strategies that emphasize situational awareness and critical thinking. It also provides parents an exclusive opportunity to share training with their children, promoting personal growth and building enduring family bonds.

Leadership Training

Ignite your leadership potential with our exclusive system, featuring a proprietary method unmatched in any sport or recreational activity. Enroll in our school today and surpass your limits as you and your family embrace empowering leadership roles like never before.

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Family Martial Arts Will Change Your Life!

Hear What Our Students and Families Have to Say!

My son has difficulty with focus and hyperactivity but went from almost zero participation to full engagement and earning a new belt, stripes, and a medal in just a few months. The lessons we learn in class flow over to our daily lives in such a positive way. Also, shout out to Mr. Jeff’s kids who help in class too and make it fun for us all!

Shaun Sutherland

Five star review.

There is so much positivity and encouragement when you walk through the door, and your daily sense of accomplishment when class is through just feels amazing. Mr. Jeff and his family are wonderful teachers, and his leadership program is impressive. Also, Jeff’s. curriculum is adaptable for all learners, of ages, families, abilities, and is Autism friendly.

Jill Ricardo

Five star review.
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Meet Our Owner, Professor Jeff Konich

With an unwavering dedication to community safety and continued education, our Master Instructor, fortified by nearly three decades of training, ten years of military service, and tens of thousands of hours of teaching, passionately believes in each student's capacity to exceed their potential and achieve their goals and aspirations. By imparting life-saving techniques and invaluable skills applicable on and off the mat, our students receive unparalleled instruction in the Berlin/Hudson Area, setting them up for success in any endeavor.

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